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Short Film Awards


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About The SOFIES

“Due to its brief nature, the Short Film fosters

an unmatched spirit of creativity, resourcefulness

and independence that inspires, stirs and transforms.”

Our Mission
  • To promote and extol the Short Film as an important and unique art form and as a catalyst for positive social impact.

  • To spotlight and honor the talent and hard work of the best producers, directors, writers, actors, cinematographers, sound engineers, stylists and other creators of short films. 

  • To provide education and resources to encourage the making of short films that will positively impact the global society.

  • To generate revenue for Short Filmmakers to recoup production costs, as well as to aid in the production of future short films.    









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The Short Film Awards is an officially recognized nonprofit, 501(c)3 organization. That means your sponsorship or donation is tax-deductible!

More importantly, we can give a voice and a global platform to the fearless and fiercely talented filmmakers who share such meaningful, life-enriching and life-affirming stories.


SOFIE offers numerous, exciting opportunities to connect your brand with the Short Film community.  Have your brand prominently displayed on signage, include your product in our swag bags or sponsor a screening, the Red Carpet, the Nominees Dinner or Post-Awards Party, to list a few.  Our team will work with you to create an effective and creative sponsorship experience.

The Short Film Awards looks forward to partnering with you to support and honor the most talented Short Filmmakers. 

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All donations to The Short Film Awards are tax-deductible for U.S. citizens.

Your donations help to further SOFIE's mission to support and encourage the important art form of short filmmaking for its unique attributes that allow otherwise silenced voices, ideas and dreams to be heard. Through that sharing, lives are inspired, informed and transformed! 

Your donation also assists with other costs, including:

  • The Annual Short Film Awards presentation honoring the best and brightest talent in short filmmaking, from around the world. Donations help to  pay for the venue, catering and all other expenses to make it an event worthy of the great talent on display.

  • The SOFIE statuettes awarded to amazing short filmmakers in 20 categories. This beautiful and impressive award is designed and manufactured by the same company who created and manufactures the oldest and most prestigious film and TV awards'  statuettes.

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Honoring the Giants of Short Film

Submissions for the 2020 SOFIE Awards are NOW OPEN.

  • SOFIE offers the opportunity to earn the respect of peers and industry  decision makers.  

  • Submitting your film places your work before top professionals in  Entertainment and Film.  

  • Attending the Annual Short Film Awards and other SOFIE events allows you to network with a global film community.  

  • Winning a SOFIE award is a prestigious honor that increases global awareness of your work and could result in revenue and increased opportunity.

Let SOFIE shine the light on your talent and skills!

Who's Talking About The SOFIES?

Lydia Plantamura,September 2016

The development of the internet over the last couple of decades has created a world where information can be spread farther and farther, faster and faster. While the debate on shortening attention spans continues, one positive result is the rise of the short film. Although short films have been a part of cinema since its birth, the feature has long dominated the field. Dedicated to honoring the underdog of film, The Short Film Awards, known as The SOFIES, will hold its third annual event December 9, 10, and 11, 2016 at Symphony Space, Broadway, NY. Film Matters’s intern, Lydia Plantamura interviews SOFIE founder, Cindy Birch, about the award ceremony and the importance of recognizing “giants” among short subject works.

Max Cole March 2016

Cindy Birch joins the Cinema After Dark Podcast and Host, Max Cole, to discuss THE SHORT FILM AWARDS event (THE SOFIE AWARDS).



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